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Please make sure the boxes above are checked correctly to avoid disqualification. Washington County residents must prove residency using a Driver License with a Washington County address.

Thank you for registering for the 2016 St. George Marathon lottery. The deadline for registration is Wednesday, May 11th at 11:59 PM. Lottery results will be posted online Wednesday, May 18th. The race entry cap for 2016 is 7800 runners.

Registration fees are as follows:
$95.00 if 1st to 10th year
$85.00 if 11th to 14th year
$80.00 if 15th to 19th year
$75.00 if 20th to 24th year
$70.00 if 25th to 29th year
$65.00 if 30th to 34th year
$60.00 if 35th+

Unsuccessful lottery entrants will be refunded their entry fee minus the $5.00 online registration charge

Please read our registration procedures before submitting your entry.